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Examinations for Online Courses

Online course examinations are held at the end of each term. Your exam location will depend on where you live. Please see below for details.

If you are not able to write on Saturdays for religious or other non-elective reasons you can write with a proctor.

Examination dates for students writing on-campus in Waterloo
Examination dates for students not writing in Waterloo

Examination Centres
Provide examination arrangement information
Writing with a proctor
Writing outside North America
Requesting an alternate examination eate
English Language Proficiency Examination
Final grades

Examination Dates for Students Writing On Campus in Waterloo

Students writing on campus in Waterloo will be scheduled to write during one or more of the following exam sessions.

Fall 2014

Fri, December 5 - 4pm
Sat, December 6 - 9am, 4pm or 7:30pm

Students writing on campus in Waterloo, write up to five online course exams without arranging for proctor services, by writing during the regular exam sessions and during two additional exam sessions.

Additional Exam Sessions (at uWaterloo campus only)

These sessions are held in Waterloo only and are intended for any students who have scheduling conflicts with exams for on-campus classes or who have more than three online course examinations. On request, students writing at external Exam Centres who have more than two exams, and wish to travel to Waterloo, may write at these sessions.

Fall 2014 Tues, December 9 - 7pm
Wed, December 10 - 7pm

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Examination Dates for Students Not Writing in Waterloo

If you live within 100 km of an examination centre listed below, you are expected to write there during one or more of the following exam sessions:

Fall 2014 Sat, December 6 - 9am or 2pm

Students writing more than two examinations (not in Waterloo) will write two exams at the Exam Centre during the sessions, as above. If writing more than two exams, you will need to arrange for a proctor for the additional exams. These additional exams must be written between Friday and Monday, inclusive, of the examination weekend. On request, students writing at external Exam Centres who have more than two exams, may write at the additional exam sessions held at the uWaterloo campus instead of writing with a proctor.

Examination Centres

Those living outside the 100 km radius of an exam centre will need to arrange for a proctor.


British Columbia


Owen Sound
Toronto Downtown
Toronto East (Scarborough)
Toronto North (Thornhill)
Toronto West (Brampton)

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Provide Examination Arrangement Information

By the end of Week 3 of each term, all students enrolled exclusively in online courses (with a final exam), must inform the university of their examination arrangements; students taking both on-campus and online courses will be pre-assigned to write at the University of Waterloo. Students who reside within 100 km of an Examination Centre are required to write at that Centre. Others will write With a Proctor.

You make your examination arrangement in Quest.

Initially, only the most basic Exam Centre information will be displayed. As the term progresses, more detailed information will appear. You will be emailed when more information is available.

If you have questions about your examination schedule, please email

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Writing With a Proctor

You will require proctor (someone to supervise your exam) if one of the following applies to you:
  • you live more than 100 km from an examination centre
  • you are writing more than two online course examinations at a centre other than Waterloo. For those not writing at the Waterloo centre, a maximum of two exams will be scheduled at an examination centre.
  • you cannot write examinations for religious reasons; you will be required to provide documentation
  • you have special needs (e.g., permanent or temporary medical reasons) that preclude your writing at an examination centre; you will be required to provide documentation
  • you must reschedule your examination due to circumstances beyond your control (see Requesting an Alternate Exam Date)
  • you were scheduled to write at an examination centre that was cancelled; you will be informed via email if this happens
  • you are in active military or diplomatic corps service

You are responsible for finding an appropriate Proctor. Information about who qualifies as a proctor is provided on the Proctor Declaration form.

In most cases, Waterloo will pay your proctor for the services provided at a rate of $10 CAD/hour. If your proctor charges more than that, you are responsible for the difference in the fee. If you have any questions, email or call 519-888-4002.

Proctor Declaration forms are due in the Centre for Extended Learning by:

Spring 2014 June 2, 2014

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Writing Examinations Outside North America

If you will be outside North America during the examination period, you must find and write with a proctor.

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Requesting an Alternate Exam Date

A request for an alternate date for a final examination will be granted only in exceptional circumstances, such as illness (with documentation) or other mitigating circumstances outside the student's control. Elective arrangements (such as travel plans or social events) are not acceptable. The decision to grant a request for an alternate date is up to course instructor.

Complete the Petition For An Alternate Exam Date and email it with the appropriate documentation to or fax it to (519) 746-4607

Petitions must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the exam date.

If an alternate exam date is granted, a $50 administration charge may apply.

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English Language Proficiency Examination

All Waterloo undergraduate students are required to write the English Language Proficiency Examination (ELPE), which is administered by the Writing Centre. Online-only students should contact them at 519-888-4567, ext. 32329 or by email to register to write the ELPE.

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Final Grades

Your final grade is based on a combination of your course work and/or the result of your final examination. Information on how final grades are calculated is usually provided in your course materials.

Official grades and academic standings should be available online via Quest beginning:

  • Fall Term 2013 - January 23, 2014

These are approximate dates and are subject to change without notice.

If you feel that there has been an error made in your final grade, contact the instructor or TA of your course.

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