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BIOL 373: Principles of Human Physiology 2

Course CodeBIOL 373
Course TitlePrinciples of Human Physiology 2
Online OffersNo offers currently scheduled. Last offer: Fall 2013
Course LocationOnline
Credit Weight0.5
Course Description

The physiology of major organ systems of the human body. Topics include the central nervous system, the sense organs, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the reproductive system, and the excretory system. [Offered: W]

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Course Work and ExamFall 2013 syllabus (see note 1)
  • Prerequisite: BIOL 273.
  • Antirequisite: BIOL 301A, 301B, SCI 351, 352
Special Notes1) BIOL 373 replaces SCI 352.
2) Students can enrol in BIOL 273 and BIOL 373 simultaneously. Instructor consent required.
3) BIOL 273 and BIOL 373 together cover all of the major topics of human physiology.
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